Ashes Betting

As with all great sporting events, the Ashes don't come around all that often. This only adds to the expectation of course, and in much the same way the World Cup excites and builds expectations in soccer fans every four years, the Ashes is a competition which is only improved due to the infrequency of the event. As a cricket lover, you don't need this fact pointing out to you and it's probably safe to assume that you are already hyped up and ready to get stuck into Ashes betting what with the competition just around the corner once again.

Also, seeing as there is something of a score to settle with England having won the trophy on Australian soil for the first time in twenty four years during the 2010-11 series, there is unlikely to be an Aussie out there who isn't looking forward to reclaiming the Ashes once again. Still, if there is one way that you can add excitement to such an engaging and age-old rivalry, it's by betting on the Ashes and there are various markets that a cricket fan, or indeed and interested neutral can bet on during this eagerly anticipated series.

Types of Ashes Bets

Betting on the Ashes can take many different forms, which is not only good news in terms of choice, but also allows your hard earned dollars to go that little bit further. So, what exactly can you bet on? Well, as you might expect from such a high profile event, Ashes betting includes a wide range of possible wagers. Whether you want to place a bet on something pretty straight forward such as the overall winners, or have a sneaky feeling that certain players will do very well with bat or ball; there are bets to please every punter.

Ashes Betting Tips

In terms of Ashes betting advice, there are two great tips for making the most of this opportunity. First of all, be sure to shop around for the best odds. Every bookie worth their salt will offer a huge variety of Ashes bets, so make sure that you get the best deal for your dollar before you hand over the money. Secondly, do plenty of homework in terms of looking into player form and performances in the warm-up matches in particular. These pre-tournament fixtures can be a great indicator of how each side and their star players will do during the tournament proper.

Ashes Betting Bookmakers

Luxbet has an excellent selection of cricket betting markets throughout the year, and betting on the Ashes will be no different at this very good Australian bookmaker.

There are plenty of different markets to choose from when betting on the Ashes with Sportsbet and the 2013 tournament will be another exactly the same.

IASbet are certainly very good choice for betting on the Ashes. In the past they have been known to come up with some very interesting player and team markets and their odds are excellent.

As well as offering an extensive Ashes betting market, Centrebet is also known to offer an excellent promotion or two on this most prestigious tournament.

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