Betting Agencies

When it comes to choosing a betting agency there are lots of different things to consider and in the end it comes down to personal choice. Of all the things to consider when choosing a bookie, possibly the main thing you would think of is the odds. The difference between various betting agencies is caused by the margin that they take and the higher this is, the worse the odds will be for you. These don't differ that widely, but it is certainly worth investigating, especially if you are planning a fairly substantial bet. A percentage or two on the margin can make a huge difference when it comes to payout, so be aware of this from the beginning.

Bookmaker Bonuses

Some agencies have quite large minimum bets and if you like to bet just for fun and like to keep each bet below an dollar, then you will need to keep an eye on that kind of restriction. Other agencies might also add an extra fee if you pay with a credit card, which can up the costs, especially if you only add small amounts to your account at a time. One thing which is well worth shopping around for is the welcome bonus. These vary from a measly nothing to up to 100% so it is well worth the research. Be careful though. Some of the sites which offer good bonuses have very strict withdrawal policies and if you have signed on with a bookmaker for a specific event, say the Rugby World Cup or a cricket series, you won't necessarily want to stay around until you earn enough to withdraw your money. This is called a turnover policy and is something that you should look into very carefully.

Technical Considerations

Some sites are more user friendly than others and as you wander around them checking on margins, turnover rules and other things on the site you will soon find out whether you like using it. Graphics have usually taken quite a long time to get right but it is still amazing how often they have gone badly wrong. An inappropriate font or its size and colour can make a site really irritating to use as well as tiring on the eyes after a while. If the site is slow, this is really a problem if you are someone who tends to leave their bid to the last minute; it can make the difference between success and failure.
If you like to bet live on events while they happen, you will have to choose a non-Australian bookmaker, because only they can offer live betting to Australians, as they find a way to skirt the rules. There are a good many international bookmakers who offer accounts in Australian dollars, but they probably don't offer betting on very many specifically Australian sports such as AFL and NRL so if you follow these sports specifically you will need to choose an Australian agent such as Luxbet or TAB Sportsbet.

Online Betting Agencies

IASbet is a very good online betting agency; a bookmaker with plenty of different markets to choose from and a very good website.

Centrebet is a very popular Australian bookmaker and will provide you with all of the markets you would expect make high-quality betting agency.

There are plenty of sports and racing events available to bet on the Luxbet, as well as very good promotions and bonuses.

Sportsbet is an excellent online betting agency which has plenty of events to bet on, as well as special offers and bonuses.

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