Cricket Betting

Unlike some other sports in Australia, cricket is equally popular all over the country and generates plenty of interest both on a domestic and international level. Although perhaps most attention goes on the Ashes and other test series, betting on cricket is something that takes place all year round as there always seems to be a match going on somewhere.

International Cricket Betting

As stated above, the Ashes rolls around every couple of years and sees an incredible amount of cricket betting taking place. This age-old rivalry certainly sees plenty of money changing hands and there are many different types of cricket bet you can place on it. As well as the obvious question of who will win the series, other bets are available based on individual player performance, and such markets as winning margin and man of the match/series etc. Other international cricket betting is also available as Australia also plays other nations in test series, as well as one-day internationals and 20/20 cup competitions. Of course, there are many test playing nations, and do you not need to limit your cricket betting to only matches involving Australia.

Domestic Cricket Betting

There is also a healthy domestic scene when it comes to cricket in Australia; the six state cricket teams compete in a few different competitions and different forms of the sport over the summer. The Sheffield Shield is a domestic first-class competition which sees plenty of cricket betting and usually takes place between October and March each year. Another popular event for cricket betting is the Ryobi One-Day Cup; also the KFC T20 Big Bash League is the premier 20/20 cricket competition in the country and is growing in popularity every year.

Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is often a sport which is determined by details, and as such, looking into the finer points of player and team performance is very important. Certain players do better on different grounds and types of pitch for example, just as batsmen may perform well or struggle against particular kinds of bowler. For this reason, many punters enjoy the individual player performance aspects of cricket betting, rather than trying to call the outright result for many matches. From both a team and player performance perspective, bookmakers tend to have plenty of different cricket betting markets to choose from; with everything from who will win the toss to how many runs the opening partnership will score.

Cricket Bookmakers

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