Fixed Price Betting

Fixed price betting is the kind of betting most punters do when betting online. Also known as fixed odds betting, this type of bet is where the odds you receive at the time of placing your bet cannot change subsequently, as a result of market trends etc.

Benefits of Fixed Price Betting

There are a few benefits to fixed price betting, however the main one is the fact that your betting odds cannot shorten after you have placed your bet because other people are now getting in on the act. The majority of betting on sporting and racing events takes place in the run-up to the event starting; if bookmakers see a lot of money going on a particular result, they will shorten the odds in order to protect themselves from losses. If you have had the foresight to spot a good bet early, you do not want to be punished by having your odds shorten, just because everybody else is now putting money on it. This is why fixed price betting is beneficial to many punters as your odds will not change once your bet has been placed.

Fixed Price Betting vs Starting Price

In many ways, the opposite to fixed price betting is taking the starting price. Usually only an option with racing events, the starting price is the final odds for a runner when the race starts. The starting price (SP) in racing is more relevant as there is more fluctuation of odds in the run-up to a race starting, as opposed to an AFL match or soccer game for example. On the majority of Australian bookmaker websites, when you place a bet on horse, greyhound or harness race, you will have to choose between taking the current odds or the starting price. There are only two reasons why you would take the starting price on a race; firstly, if you are betting quite a long time in advance, fixed-price odds may not have been released yet. Secondly, you may feel that the odds on your particular runner that will go out, therefore generating greater returns by time the race starts.

The Best of Both Worlds

Very good news for punters is the fact that many major Australian bookmakers offer a best odds guarantee, meaning that should your bet come good, whichever odds are the best for you are the ones the bookie will pay out at. In this respect, if your bookmaker offers a promotion like this, it does not even matter whether you choose fixed odds or the SP.

Fixed Price Betting Bookmakers

IASbet has plenty of fixed price betting markets to choose from on a wide variety of different sports and racing events.

Fixed price betting is found in abundance at Luxbet; a very popular bookmaker which also has very good promotions and bonuses available to new punters.

There are lots of different betting options available at Centrebet including fixed price betting, as well as various best odds promotions.

Sportsbet is another good Australian bookmaker for fixed odds betting. Sports betting and racing are equally well covered and new customers can receive a very good bonus.

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