Football Betting

Along with horseracing, football betting is probably the most popular form of sports betting in the world, with billions of dollars being won and lost every year. Perhaps the enthusiasm for football betting comes from the passion many fans feel for their own team, whether it be a club side or an international team.

Aussie Rules

Here in Australia, Australian Rules football is of course the most popular form of football betting and the AFL sees as many wagers being placed as virtually any other sport. As with many sports, betting on the AFL can be as straightforward or as complex as you want to make it. If you just want to bet on the winner of a particular match, that's certainly very easy to do with all Australian bookmakers and the majority of international ones too. If you want to place something a bit more specific, such as the winning margin of a match or an individual player performance, any Australian bookie worth its salt will have plenty of different markets to choose from.

UK Football

With the Premiership and Championship leagues being such exciting and popular competitions, both in the UK, Australia and around the world, there are not many domestic football leagues better than these to bet on. Virtually all bookmakers based in Australia and the UK offer lots of different football bets to choose from; again from team results to individual player performances. Many punters like to get better football betting odds by putting together parlays (or accumulators) if they feel they can predict the outcome of more than one match. With so much UK football available to watch live on TV, it only adds to the excitement when you have a bet on it.

Australian A League

Of course, Australian punters certainly shouldn't forget our own A League back at home. With 10 different teams to bet on and many very competitive matches being played; betting on the Australian A League is an opportunity which should not be missed.

International Football

Although there are certainly not as many international football matches to bet on as there are domestic games, when they come around they are usually full of excitement and drama. When it comes to betting on international football, it is often a good idea to leave your personal loyalties and national pride to one side, and better to do some research into the relative standings of the two nations.

Football Bookmakers

IASbet has a great range of football betting markets available, both for Australian Rules football and soccer. All of the major matches from Australia, the UK and many other countries are covered.

Sportsbet is known for its very good odds and comprehensive selection of matches and competitions to choose from. Football betting is certainly a lot of fun at Sportsbet.

Luxbet is a great bookie to go to for football betting. Their range of competitions covered and different markets available is excellent.

At Centrebet, betting on football matches is available both before they kick off and during the match with live telephone betting. They also have some great football betting promotions available.

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