Gambling is such a part of our culture and history that it even predates the invention of money itself. Here in Australia, the most common forms of gambling are sports betting and betting on racing events such as horse racing and the greyhounds. However, there is an increasing variety of online gambling activities
you can enjoy, from poker to live casino games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

Sports Gambling and Racing

As stated above, betting on the most popular Australian sports such as the AFL and NRL are almost a national pastime. Nevertheless, there are also dozens of different sports gambling markets available to bet on such as cricket, tennis, soccer, golf and major events such as the Olympics. Horse racing, greyhounds and harness racing are also very popular forms of gambling in Australia, and not only do most Australian bookmaker's cover domestic events, but also those from Europe and around the world. The majority of bookmakers also offer gambling on various novelty and current affairs markets such as political elections and award ceremonies. For those who love to gamble, being able to put your money where your mouth is on such a wide variety of subjects is a lot of fun.

Casino Gambling

Another very popular form of gambling is online casinos. This type of gambling is available at many different websites and there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of different games to choose from, paying out millions of dollars every day. The pokies are well represented on Australian casino websites with many
online casinos paying out over 95% of their turnover. It is also often possible for Australian citizens to register and play at international online casinos and bookmakers to take advantage of the excellent gambling activities and games available there.

Gambling Bonuses and Promotions

There are also many different gambling bonuses available from both sports bookmakers and online casinos. Indeed, some Australian bookmakers are even branching out into other gambling activities and it's possible to have one account balance for sports betting, racing betting, poker, casino games and anything else they offer.

Gambling Advice

Of course, it is always sensible to only gamble money you can afford to lose and never bet money which should be put to one side for more important things, such as bills and food. Many gambling websites give their customers the option of setting spending and deposit limits upon registration or afterwards, and this is often a very sensible thing to do.

Recommended Bookmakers

One of Australia's premier bookmakers, there are all sorts of different sports, races and other events to bet on at Centrebet, including poker.

Another very popular bookmaker is IASbet; here you will find not only the common sports betting markets and horse/dog racing events, but also novelty and current affairs markets too.

Not only does Sportsbet have a very easy-to-use website, it also has virtually every betting market and gambling option you could think of.

Luxbet has a comprehensive variety of sports betting and other gambling markets to enjoy, as well some of the best bookmaker promotions in the business.

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