Harness Racing Betting

Harness racing often plays second fiddle to traditional thoroughbred racing, however, there's certainly a lot to be said for this type of horse race and the events themselves can often be very exciting and certainly worth betting on. Regular fans of harness racing betting will know that there is no lack of events to bet on in Australia alone, with almost 2000 meetings taking place every year at around 91 different harness racing tracks.

Harness Racing Basics

Also known as 'trotting', harness racing sees standardbred horses pulling a driver and two wheeled cart usually known as a 'sulky' over race distances usually between around 1500 and 3000m. There are two different types of running gaits - pacing and trotting, although the majority of harness races in Australia are pacers. There are two different ways of starting a harness racing race, either with a standing start from behind a starting tape, or from behind a mobile barrier with a moving start. In handicap races there may be more than one tape to separate the horses by 5 or 10m. Once the race has started, the horses will run two or three laps around the track to decide the winner.

Major Harness Racing Betting Events

There are a number of very important harness racing events which see a lot of money changing hands each year. The Inter Dominion has been taking place every year since 1936 with the host racetrack alternating between Australia and New Zealand each year. There is also plenty of harness racing betting taking place on the Australasian Pacers Grand Circuit, with 16 legs taking place during the series. A good deal of harness racing betting is also focused on some of the other high-profile Group 1 events such as the Victoria Cup, Australian Pacing Championship, AG Hunter Cup and the Miracle Mile.

Harness Racing Betting Tips

There are certainly a few different things to take into consideration when betting on Harness racing; first of all, particular attention should be placed on the horse's recent and long-term form. As well as looking at the overall career history of horse, the most recent races are the most important, as horses often go on winning runs of two or three events. Studying a form guide is a skill which can only be acquired over time, as there is a great deal of information on display. Also be sure to look into the reputation of the driver, as many times a horse is only good as person in control of it.

Harness Racing Bookmakers

There is plenty of harness racing betting available at Luxbet; a generally very good bookmaker when it comes to betting on all kinds of horse racing.

Not only is Centrebet is excellent for betting on harness racing, they also have very good odds and a number of excellent promotions.

Sportsbet is many punters' first choice when it comes to harness racing betting; they have all the major events well covered and their website is very easy to use.

IASbet has excellent coverage of harness racing and often throws in a few special promotions during the biggest events.

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