Horse Racing Betting

Betting on the horses is almost a national pastime in Australia, and as such, all of the major Australian bookmakers have plenty of races and events on which to place bets. Whether you are an experienced punter when it comes tohorse racing betting, or are considering getting into it as a pastime, there are plenty of fantastic bookmakers to choose from, and plenty of information to help you make your bets.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Studying the previous form and statistics is important when betting on virtually any sport or racing event. When it comes to horse racing betting it is absolutely vital as it is this information which will allow you to make an informed decision on where to put your money. Most Australian bookmakers and many international ones have free online form guides in which they have compiled all the most important information for your attention. Seeing how a horse has run in the past on particular tracks or in certain conditions is vital information when there's money at stake.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

Obviously the most common type of bet is simply deciding who you think will win the race and putting your money on that result. As far as singles go, this is as straightforward as it gets and is plenty of fun on its own. If you do not have full faith in your horse of choice, it is often wise to place an each-way bet which will not pay out as much, but it will give you a little room for manoeuvre as you can still make some money with your horse finishing second in a six horse race for example.

Parlays are also very popular with horse racing punters; if you think you can correctly pick a few different horses to win or finish in the places, your odds will improve dramatically by combining them into one bet. Of course, it doesn't need saying that these bets are a lot harder to get right, but plenty have achieved it in the past.

Want to make money on horse racing?

Without doubt, those punters who are good enough to consistently stay in the black and make money by betting on horses are those who are willing to put in the time. Studying form and statistics is very important when it comes to understanding what factors have the greatest effect on the result of a horse race. Do your homework, and before long you could also be a winning horse racing bettor.

Horse Racing Bookmakers

IASbet has all of the major horse racing meets from Australia and around the world covered with a variety of different bets to place.

All of the big races and markets you'd expect are present at Sportsbet, as well as horse racing products such as Jockey Challenge and Lucky Loser features.

Luxbet has an entire section dedicated to horse racing betting as well as up-to-the-minute odds and fantastic parley markets and other opportunities.

There is a very international feel to the horse races available to bet on at Centrebet, as well as all of the meets from Australia and New Zealand you would expect to find.

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