Live Betting

Live betting is a bit of a hot potato because it is actually illegal for any online betting operator to offer live betting to Australian citizens. This applies whether the company is owned by or licensed in Australia or not but in practice the overseas operators ignore this law - the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 - or don't even know about it, so there are in fact plenty of opportunities for Australians to bet live. One thing to know for reassurance - the offence is offering the opportunity to bet live, not the actual betting, so you as a gambler cannot be prosecuted.

Live betting gives you an advantage

Live betting can be more successful than pre-game betting, because of course you can watch the run of play and see how things are going. This does raise a few issues though and they are worth bearing in mind. First of all, you may possibly experience a few hiccups at live betting when you first begin. You will have a tendency to roll with every change in play and not notice a trend develop. For this reason it is really important that your first bets when you go live are well thought out. Choose a game with which you are familiar. Because of the IGA you are not likely to find AFL games available for live betting, and the same applies to NRL but cricket, being a worldwide interest has a lot of live betting opportunities. Getting to know another game, such as baseball, basketball or American football is fun, but give it time so you know all the ins and outs before you bet at all, let alone place a large bet.

Live betting gives you a unique chance to change horse in midstream if the run of the game changes. If you support a particular team you might feel a bit disloyal, but the winnings are the reason you are betting, so go with your gut. One thing you should avoid in live betting as in all other kinds is to not attempt to win back your losses. Sometimes it just isn't your day and you should stop before you lose more. Set a budget and stick to it and all of your gambling experiences will be happy ones. Because live betting is so immediate, you can change your bet if you think the outcome is changing, but even here, don't bet more than you can afford to lose.

The knack of live betting

The trick with live betting is to act fast. When you enter the amount of your bet, the odds sometimes change while your bet is going through. If this happens, your bet will be rejected and this can be frustrating, especially if the game has taken an unusual turn and you want to take advantage of it. This happens to everyone so you are not unfairly disadvantaged but it is annoying - learn to live with it and become familiar with a particular bookie so you know their site well. The good news is that bookmakers update their odds very quickly so if you do want to bet in reaction to something in particular happening; the bookmaker should already have altered the odds.

Live Betting Bookmakers

Luxbet is a very good Australian bookmaker for live betting, making it easy to see the odds update and change as events unfold.

Centrebet is very popular online bookmaker with plenty of different sports available, and live betting being available for many of them.

As well is very good live betting coverage, Sportsbet is also known for its large number of special offers and best odds guarantees.

IASbet is certainly growing in popularity with punters, in no small part due to its very good live betting coverage and usability.

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