Multi Bet

Multi bets are a fantastic way of combining more than one wager to create a single bet with better odds. In other words, instead of picking two or more bets to put money on individually, you combine all of those different bets into one wager, where each one of the bets needs to come off for you to win any money. Multi bets are also known as accumulators in the UK and parlays in America.

Multi Bets Explained

The mathematics behind calculating a multi bet is usually a little tricky to do in your head, but luckily, the betting slips on virtually all modern bookmaker websites will do the hard work for you. For example, perhaps you would like to bet on the result of three different AFL matches - in your opinion, Adelaide, Collingwood and Essendon are all going to win their matches. Rather than putting three different bets on these three different results, you could choose to place a multi bet with one wager covering all three results. The odds would be calculated like this:
Adelaide to win = 1.28
Collingwood to win = 1.77
Essendon to win = 1.90
Multi bet odds = 1.28 x 1.77 x 1.90 = 4.30

As you can see, by combining three relatively short odds results, you come out with multi bet odds which are much more generous. Of course, on the flip side, you will need all three of your chosen results to come right for you to win the bet.

Multi Bet Pros and Cons

Most of the time, people choose to use multi bets for one of two reasons. Firstly, you may have found a number of bets which you want to place, however they all have relatively short odds and you do not want to put a large enough bet on any of them to make a good return. By combining these bets on to a multi bet you will receive better overall odds and so you needn't put on such a large bet to make a good winning. Secondly, multi-bets are just a lot of fun and many punters see them as an exciting challenge to get right. Because you can combine different results from different sports, you can use all of your sports betting and racing betting knowledge to tailor make a bet you feel will come off and produce significant winnings. The real negative, of course, is that even if only one of your bets fails, the whole multi bet fails too.

Multi Bet Bookmakers

Sportsbet makes it very easy for you to place multi bets with their clear online bet slip and website, you can even do this using their mobile platform.

It is very convenient to put together a multi bet from multiple markets on Centrebet; a well put together website with plenty of options.

Many different sports can be combined to create multi bets on IASbet. Their website is very well laid out and simple to use.

Luxbet allows you to combine many different markets to put together the multi bets of your choice. Other options also come up when adding different results to your bet slip.

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