NFL Betting

NFL Betting

At this time of year, talking about NFL betting might seem a little redundant as the biggest event in the footballing calendar has been and gone for another year. Yes, the Super Bowl is the pinnacle for anyone who enjoys an NFL bet or two and February has witnessed another huge event. But come the new season, which is not as far away as you might think, the NFL will once again kick into gear which means that anyone who is fond of making the odd NFL bet or two will once again need to consider the ins and the outs of this magnificent sport and maybe consider a wager on the outcome of the forthcoming season's matches. After all, the NFL is a hugely popular sport these days and even in Australia, betting on the NFL is a very big market indeed.

Types of NFL Bet

Betting on the NFL can take many different guises. Firstly, many NFL fans are fond of making bets based on getting good odds for a particular team. Perhaps the simplest way of betting on any sporting event; betting on the NFL by purely trying to call the winner of any given game, or indeed the season outright is great fun. As is always the case, the team with the best odds will be considered by most to be the underdogs, but in the NFL the underdogs are often capable of upsetting the odds and stealing a win, so odds betting on the NFL could be a good move for you. Totals betting is also popular within NFL betting as it allows a gambler to bet on whether or not a team will score more or less than a pre-determined score decided by the bookie. There are many ways to bet on the NFL, these are two of the most popular examples.

Events to Bet on

NFL betting can occur at pretty much any time during the season, but with the Super-Bowl done and dusted for another year, many NFL fans are now looking forward to opening day. Betting on the opening day games can be a great way to welcome in the new NFL season and you might stand to make a fair few bucks if you bet wisely. Other big events in the NFL calendar include rival games. These events are often passionate and seemingly unpredictable in nature, but there are often better odds to be found on rival games as they are a big draw.

Betting Tips

Betting on the NFL can be a very rewarding pastime, but make sure that you shop around for the very best deals as nobody should feel as if they've thrown their money away on any event. After shopping around for the best NFL betting deals, you might also want to consider any trends as the NFL is a trend-heavy competition and studying the statistics might just help you to make the perfect NFL bet. As with any sport, the more you research, the more success you may find.

NFL Bookmakers

At Sportsbet punters can bet on all of the regular-season NFL games, as well as the play-offs and of course the Superbowl final itself. Multiple markets are available on the majority of games.

Betting on the NFL is very popular at IASbet; whether you want to bet on the regular-season or the big finale itself, all different types of bets are available here at great odds.

NFL betting is just one of a number of different sports available at Luxbet. All of the big American sports are well covered here and there are often special offers and bonuses available on the big games.

Centrebet has a comprehensive NFL betting selection and often offer special promotions to tie in with big matches. They also tend to have very competitive odds and their website and mobile platforms are very easy to use.

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