NRL Betting

The Australian National Rugby League (NRL) continues to be one of the most popular winter sports in the country, especially in Queensland and New South Wales where NRL betting still sees plenty of money changing hands. Starting every March, the 2012 season will be the 106th and see 16 teams battle it out once again to win the league and Grand Final.

Most Popular NRL Bets

Of course, the majority of NRL betting takes place over the course of the regular season; with 16 teams playing each other home and away, that means there are 480 matches to bet on each season - plenty of opportunity to place all sorts of NRL bets. The most popular type of NRL bet is certainly on who will win any given match. Whether you are betting on the team you support or simply because you think you have found good odds, putting your money where your mouth is and backing one team over the other to win certainly adds plenty of excitement. Obviously, at the start of the season you will also have the opportunity to bet on who you think will win the league and Grand Final. Although you will also have this opportunity for the majority of the season, the earlier you can place these bets, the better odds you will get.

Other NRL Bets

Many bookmakers such as Centrebet also take NRL bets on other, lower profile aspects of the NRL such as the NYC Toyota Cup and the New South Wales Cup. Sometimes, NRL betting on these competitions can be a little bit more straightforward as many teams tend to have a clearer advantage over the other, and therefore results are easy to pick. Whatever competition you are betting on, you'll often have the opportunity to mix up your bets by including such factors as winning margin and handicap betting. These types of NRL bets are good for when you want to back a team to win but they are a strong favourite and it is more worth your while to lengthen the odds in this way.

NRL Betting Tips

Certainly the best way of improving your chances of making money on the NRL is to do your homework. Pre-season form is often a good indicator of how individual teams and players will fare in the regular season and is certainly worth keeping an eye on. Also be sure to check out any transfers made during the off-season as this can often dramatically improve a team's chance of winning.

NRL Bookmakers

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