Tennis Betting

When it comes to sports betting, the most popular markets tend to be based on team sports; however, many people also enjoy betting on tennis and the individual, one-on-one aspect of the sport brings its own unique considerations when it comes to deciding where to put your money.

How to Bet on Tennis

As with any sport, the basic bet you can place is on who will win the match in hand. However, because there are often strong favourites in many tennis matches, it is often more rewarding to put together more complex wagers. For example, a very popular tennis betting market is on the set scoreline; in major competitions, each match is a best-of-five affair and if you think that it will be rather lopsided, you could put money on a 3-0 win. Also, at the start of a tennis competition you can also pick the outright tournament winner. The earlier you pick the winner, the better the odds you will get, as there are still so many players involved.

More Tennis Bets

The more you look into tennis betting, the more you notice the greater range of different markets you can bet on. It is possible to bet on individual set scorelines, and even on such events as a player losing the first set, but then going on to take the match. If you use an international bookmaker, you can literally bet on every single point of the match as it happens. With Australian bookmakers, live tennis betting is also available, but perhaps without the point by point betting.

Tennis Betting Tips

The key to most sports betting is doing your research and looking at recent form; tennis betting is certainly no different and in this respect, it is sometimes possible to pick shock results, even when there is a strong favourite in the match. Most tennis betting takes place on the four major tournaments of the year; betting on Wimbledon, the Australian Open, U.S. Open and French Open is certainly very popular, and many bookmakers put together special promotions for just these events. Also, local players often get a lift when playing in these majors, so it may be wise to back an otherwise unfancied Australian player when betting on the Australian Open for example. Whatever event you are looking at betting on, be sure to check out both players' track records before putting your money down.

Tennis Bookmakers

IASbet has plenty of tennis markets available for betting on all of the major competitions, as well as the smaller events that make up the tennis calendar.

As well as having all of the major tennis events covered, Sportsbet also has a number of very good promotions and bonuses to enjoy.

Tennis betting at Centrebet is of a very good standard with not just basic bets, but also more in depth markets available.

Luxbet is a very good bookmaker when it comes to betting on tennis; both individual and statistical markets are available, allowing you to bet on the intricacies of a match.

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