Tour De France Betting

Tour De France Betting

The Tour De France is a cycling competition which requires no introduction as it is considered by many to be the most challenging and most respected test of a cyclist's endurance on the planet. One thing which is worth pointing out is that this summer will see the 2012 Tour De France start in Belgium and this year's competition is the 99th since the concept was initially conceived. Still, enough about the history and other extra little details, what we really want to talk about is Tour De France betting and how you too might well want to have a flutter on this magnificent competition.

Types of Tour De France Betting

Online Betting on the Tour De France can take many different formats, and this is in no small part thanks to the many different facets to the competition. It is worth noting that the Tour De France includes many different stages and not only can you bet on the overall winner of the competition, those of you who are looking to have an informed bet on the Tour De France might also want to bet on the winners of individual stages, not just on the wearer of the famous yellow jersey. As with many other forms of betting, Tour De France betting will include odds betting and while some cyclists will be considered favourites for the tournament, some will have been given an outside shot at success by bookies. Just as is the case with football, rugby or boxing, betting on the underdog can also apply to Tour De France betting.

Things to Bet On

As we've already mentioned, betting on the Tour De France is not as simple as betting on the overall winner, unless of course you want it to be. With the many different stages and different teams entering the competition, there is a great deal of scope where betting on the Tour De France is concerned. So even if you want to place a few dollars on the winner of a mountain stage rather than the entire event, you have the power to do exactly that at many bookies. The Tour de France is all about time; there are many markets available on margin of victory; both overall and at various stages during the competition.

Betting Tips for the Tour De France

If you are considering betting on this year's Tour De France, then you might well be looking for a few hints and tips. As with most sports, statistics and historical information is very important as this can give you a head start on making predictions. It can certainly help to check previous Tour results as some cyclists are famed for their prowess in certain stages, such as the mountain stages. Also, when considering betting on the Tour De France, it is a good idea to visit a few different sites looking for special promotions on the Tour. Bookmakers such as Betfair and Sporting Bet a very competitive and getting the best odds for your money is a great way of maximising your returns.

Tour de France Bookmakers

Betting on the Tour de France is great fun at Sportsbet and they have plenty of markets available.
The outright winner and the winners of various different stages are all up for grabs at Sportsbet.

Another great bookie for betting on the Tour de France; IASbet has very generous odds and likes
to offer special promotions on events such as this. Watch out for their Tour de France special
promotions closer to the time.

There are plenty of Tour de France bets available at Luxbet; whether you want to bet on the
competition winner, King of the Mountains or any other market, you can do it easily at Luxbet.

Centrebet are known for their variety of sports on offer and excellent odds; betting on the Tour
de France is no different and can be done on their regular website, or one of their mobile betting

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