UFC Betting

Although there are many different Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotions organising events around the world, the UFC is by far the biggest and best around, having even held three events in Australia over the last few years. Virtually all of the best fighters in the world are employed by the UFC, meaning that they have all of the most important and exciting fights on their cards. To many people, the UFC is virtually synonymous with MMA and because it is the most well-known promotion, the majority of bookmakers focus their MMA betting on it. Nevertheless, there are Australian bookmakers who also offer MMA betting on other promotions such as Strikeforce and Bellator.

UFC Betting Tips

It is important to remember that when it comes to a one-on-one sport such as Mixed Martial Arts, almost anything can happen and the underdog can, and frequently has, caused an upset. For this reason, it is probably not a good idea to bet on the UFC with very large wagers. Even if one fighter is a real shoe-in for the victory; all it takes is one punch or a freak injury for your UFC bet to fail. Oftentimes, when betting on the UFC it is best to look at how the styles of the two opponents matchup, as well as looking through previous fights records to see if there are any obvious weaknesses for either fighter. This is particularly useful when looking at newcomers to the UFC.

Types of UFC Bet

There are only a limited number of different outcomes possible when betting on the UFC. Draws are very infrequent; so much so that the majority of bookmakers do not even offer odds on draws. Betting on the UFC and other MMA events is really still in the process of taking off, and so if you're using an Australian bookmaker, you may only be able to choose between either Fighter A or Fighter B winning. However, bookmakers such as IASbet and Sportsbet you offer different outcomes to bet on such as victory by submission or knockout. When betting on a UFC match, if you feel it is going to be a very tight affair, you can choose to place a bet on the fight going the distance, with one fighter winning on points. It is also possible to bet on which round the fight will end in.

Along with horseracing, football betting is probably the most popular form of sports betting in the world, with billions of dollars being won and lost every year. Perhaps the enthusiasm for football betting comes from the passion many fans feel for their own team, whether it be a club side or an international team.

UFC Bookmakers

Betting on the UFC is also available at Luxbet with some very good odds on offer. As well as the UFC, betting on Strikeforce is also offered.

IASbet actually has a few more markets available than some other Australian bookmakers when it comes to betting on the UFC and is therefore one of the best options available.

When it comes to betting on the UFC, Sportsbet is as good a choice as any, with all of the big fights and events available to bet on. Sportsbet also has multiple markets for the big fights.

Centrebet has all of the major UFC events and fights covered and their selection of MMA markets is developing all the time.

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