World Cup Betting

Although we still have the 2012 European Championships to bet on first, it will not be too long until the 2014 World Cup in Brazil comes around, and World Cup betting takes off once again. This is certainly the biggest international football event in the world, and the prestige associated with being the winning team (or the smaller teams just putting in an excellent performance) is huge. For this reason, World Cup betting generates an enormous turnover of stakes every four years and is a lot of fun.

World Cup Betting Tips

Research is hugely important when it comes to betting on the World Cup. There's no point just looking at the relative world ranking of each individual team before placing your bet; it is very sensible to look into how each international team qualified for the tournament. For example, just because a team has qualified from South America does not mean that it is necessarily a very good side - it is actually possible to finish fifth out of nine in the qualification group stage and still take part in the World Cup proper.
Also, in the run-up to the World Cup starting, check out how the teams have been doing in their pre-tournament friendlies. When it comes to World Cup betting, you certainly don't want to place your bet and then find out that the team's star player got injured in their last warm-up match.

Types of World Cup Bets

Generally speaking, betting on the World Cup is not thoroughly different to betting on any other football match; you can still place bets on the winner of each match, and also on whether or not a particular player will score etc. However, there are a few bets which are unique to the World Cup.
First of all, you can bet on which team will win each individual group. Again, check out all previous team form and whether or not any very important players are missing. After the group stage, it is possible for matches to go into extra time and for there to be penalties to decide matches. These are both outcomes which can be bet on, and could do very well for you if you expect a match to be very close. Finally, betting on the tournament top scorer (the Golden Boot) is a lot of fun and there are usually only four or five contenders.

World Cup Bookmakers

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