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Bet365 has one of the biggest betting site in the world. Most Aussie punters cite the company as a favourite international bookie in the domestic market.

  • A large number of payment methods
  • good reputation in the world market
  • a wide range of markets
  • quite average odds
  • can block punters from restricted countries

Despite being based in the UK, Bet365 is a genuinely global bookmaker with over 7 million customers in more than 200 different countries. Obviously, to have such a huge customer base, Bet365 must certainly be doing something right; to keep so many sports punters happy. Bet365 is also a company which likes to keep up with the times, being at the head of the field when it comes to streaming live sporting events and in-play markets.

Another bonus of signing up with Bet365 is their one-wallet system; this means that with just one account, you have access to all of their standard sports markets, in-play markets, financials, casino, poker, bingo and many other games too. Although, given the sheer scope of their sports betting markets, that aspect of Bet365 is sure to keep you busy for a long time.


Being such a well-established and financially secure bookmaker, Bet365 offers a range of excellent bookmaker promotions. The first Bet365 bonus you are likely to set your sights on is the 100% matched first deposit bonus which is worth up to $200 to any new customer. Basically, however much you deposit into your account upon first registering with Bet365, the bookmaker itself will double that amount up to a total of $200. Therefore, by depositing $200 into account after registering with Bet365, you will actually end up with $400 of bankroll.

Another excellent Bet365 promotion is available for punters who like to use their mobile phones to bet; simply by starting to use the Bet365 mobile site, you can receive another 100% matched deposit bonus worth up to $100. Obviously Bet365 must have a lot of faith in their mobile site, being so happy for customers to switch over to it when necessary.

Of course, one Bet365 promotion which does not really have anything to do with bonuses is their Best Odds guarantee. This guarantee applies to all horse racing and greyhound events and ensures that you will receive the very best odds possible.

Sports Covered

Bet365 really does have every major sporting event from around the world well covered. It also has the majority of less well-known and popular sporting events to bet on, from netball to Gaelic sports and everything in between. Obviously, the sports most likely to be of interest to Australian punters are well represented such as Aussie Rules and NRL, and if you fancy betting on the cricket, tennis or soccer from around the world, you will find any bet you are looking for on Bet365.

The betting options available with sports betting from Bet365 range from the most simple of bets to the most complex. Many punters simply wanted bet on a certain player or team to win their match; this is no problem at Bet365. Equally, if you are a fan of betting on more complicated markets such as handicap betting, winning margin, parlays and any other more exotic bets, Bet365 may certainly be for you.

Racing Coverage

What a fantastic selection of horse racing and greyhound options is available at Bet365. With a truly global outlook, this particular bookmaker has racing events from around the world available to bet on for Australian punters. As well as having extensive markets available on all of the most famous racing events, Bet365 also encourages betting on many of the less well-known racing meets. Many racing events are also streamed live on the Bet365 website, allowing you to either watch or listen to the race as it happens.

All types of bet are available; from straightforward bets on picking the winning horse or dog, to each-way bets, parlays and cover bets. Bet365 also has a habit of putting together nice little introductions on the more prominent racing meets. These introductions give you a little bit of background on the race and the horses or dogs that will be running. In the unlikely event that you cannot find a race you want to bet on, Bet365 also offers virtual horse racing 24 hours a day.

Other Markets

As mentioned in the introduction, Bet365 has many different markets to choose from as well as sports betting and racing. Financials betting and betting on various special markets and novelty events is available, as are the other sites in the Bet365 family such as casino and poker. With their one-wallet system, one bankroll is enough to allow you to partake in all of these different betting events, making Bet365 the only betting account you are likely to need.

Live Betting

If there is one aspect in which Bet365 truly excels, it is their live streaming and live betting options. Live betting is obviously available on all major sporting events, with constantly updated odds. Although live betting on the Internet is not strictly legal in Australia, the onus is on the bookmaker, not the punter and so technically, this is one more advantage for using an internationally based bookmaker. As well as this, Bet365 has taken it upon itself to purchase the rights to stream live many smaller sporting competitions. Because of this, at virtually any time of night or day, punters have the option of not only betting on a live event, but also watching it as it happens. Obviously, the major events in any sport tend to be broadcast by large TV companies; however, Bet365 is constantly streaming lower profile events.

Mobile Betting

Being a very high-tech company, Bet365 has an excellent mobile betting platform. They have a designated mobile betting site which is so up-to-date, you can even watch many of their streaming live sports on your mobile. The Bet365 mobile site is fully compatible with modern smart phones such as the iPhone and Android based models, but virtually any mobile phone will work nicely with their mobile site.


7 million customers in 200 countries certainly can’t be wrong. Bet365 has one of the most slick and smooth websites in the business; despite having at least as many betting options as any of its rivals. The Bet365 bonuses and promotions are as generous as any you will find, and their live streaming events are almost unbeatable. Bet365 is a brilliant bookmaker for fans of sports betting and betting on the dogs and horses alike. In many aspects, Bet365 sets the standard for other online bookmakers to try to match; overall, Bet365 a brilliant bookie.

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