Betting on Tote-based systems is still very popular and TAB NSW is no exception, with numerous outlets available for anyone not wishing to bet online. A real bonus for anyone who doesn’t feel competent enough on a computer to run an online account or to make bets through a website is that TAB NSW has a number of different ways to access it, without even owning a computer.

TAB NSW Betting Options

The most obvious option is to visit a racetrack, where TAB NSW will be very well represented. TABs – short for Totalisator Agency Board, the name given to Tote based betting when it was nationalized and opened in off-course venues in March 1961 – began on racecourses, using the system whereby all bets are added together and paid out (minus the cut for the bookmaker) depending on the outcome. It is still seen by many as a fairer system although the cut is often larger and the payments therefore correspondingly smaller than from other bookmakers. Many online and course bookmakers offer a Tote-style payout and frequently make a big point of paying out up to 5% or more above TAB NSW payouts.

TAB NSW Outlets

If you don’t happen to live near a racetrack, your town will almost certainly have at least one TAB NSW outlet of some kind. These are frequently located in pubs and clubs and this way you get all of the friendly banter and social aspect of the track, but much nearer home. You can place bets here and you can also get the documents you need to open a TAB NSW account without going online. The first TAB outside a racetrack was opened in the state of Victoria in 1961 and for a country the size of Australia it was an obvious development, with such a large percentage of the population living far from the nearest racetrack. With better communications and finally the advent of the internet, TAB NSW and the other regional TABs, now largely in private hands, are nowhere near as popular a choice as once was the case.

TAB NSW Bookmaker Alternatives

Although it can still sometimes be fun to bet in a TAB outlet, if you are serious about your racing betting (or sports betting that matter) it would certainly pay dividends to go to one of the online bookmakers below, which specialise in beating TAB prices.


The LuxTote promotion from Luxbet means that punters perceive the best odds from the NSW and Victoria Totes for all non-metro gallop meetings in the country.


Sportsbet has all sorts of different betting promotions on the horses, dogs and all kinds of sports betting. Some of these offers specifically guarantee to beat TAB returns.


IASbet is a very popular online bookmaker, especially with horseracing fans, due to their City SuperPrice promotion which beats the three main TABs hands down.

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