Western Australia is the largest state in the country, but despite this, the population is small at only a few million and most of these live in the southwest corner. This leaves a lot of miles with very few people and for them, the only realistic possibility of having a bet on ‘local’ races is with the TAB WA. For people stuck out on a bit of a limb by virtue of climate and geography, the internet gives the best opportunity for gambling in the wider context but many people got into the habit of betting with TAB WA when the internet wasn’t even dreamed of and they do so still, although there are a great many much better deals to be had elsewhere.

TAB WA Background

TAB stands for Totalisator Agency Board, which used to be government-owned and only broke away from being only allowed on race tracks in 1961 when the first outlet was opened in the state of Victoria. Since then it has spread all over Australia but is now owned by a variety of private companies. TAB WA is specific to the state but if you bet with an online account you can access other TAB sites all over the country.

TAB WA Betting

Tote-style betting is quite simple to follow because the payout is calculated before the race or event begins. The payout never gets less, as it is a simple division of the total money taken in, minus the amount taken off as profit for the company and gaming taxes. Although if you bet with a bookmaker using the starting price you may end up with a smaller payout by the time the race is run, as the odds can shorten closer to the start, many bookies now offer promotions that guarantee better payouts than TAB. Having said that, if you like to be sure of what your returns may be, TAB WA is a good way to gamble.

TAB vs Online Bookie

TAB WA, like the others TABs, does not really give a good deal online. Many online bookmakers also offer TAB-style betting, but usually at much better rates, as their profit margin is smaller. They are able to do this as they are all larger concerns and also they have a lot of different sports to bet on, as well as some casino-style gambling. Most people nowadays prefer the flexibility of the rather more varied websites, with their more user-friendly accounts and ease of use.

Online Bookmaker TAB Promotions

The following bookmakers have racing products designed to offer better winnings and using the Tote.

TAB Alternatives
5.0 rating
Number one betting operator in Australia
5.0 rating
Bet365 Australia - the best international bookie
5.0 rating
Try to bet on International with GG.Bet!
4.8 rating
Betfair ensures customers a great pool of markets!
4.5 rating
Sportingbet is now Sportsbet in Australia
4.5 rating
A part of Ladbrokes Digital Australia
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