TAB betting is an easy way to place some of the more exotic types of bets available without having to turn yourself inside out doing the maths. One of the reasons that many people cling to TAB betting is that you know from the moment the Tote closes what the payout is likely to be. 

Although you do need to be aware that TABs vary as to how much they take out as their cut. If you fancy something a little more exciting than a straight win or place bet, there are lots of other types of TAB betting which can make your day a little more adrenaline-fuelled.

TAB Betting Types

Moving on from straight win, place or each way betting is the quinella. In this kind of TAB bet, all you need do is pick the first and second place, in either order. From there you can move up to exacta – in this kind of TAB betting, you still choose the first two past the post, but in the right order. This pays out about twice as much as a quinella and you need to be able to read form reasonably well to make bets as precise as this. The trifecta and first four are basically the same idea, but with three and four horses respectively, but there are others more complex TAB bets which would need a steady nerve as the races progress.

More TAB Bet Types

TAB betting starts to get exciting in the realms of the doubles, trebles and beyond. In this type of TAB betting, the TAB company nominates two or three races at a single meeting and you must correctly choose the winners of each. A quaddie is what it sounds like – you have to get the winner right in four races at the same meeting, which are nominated by the TAB. With a quaddie in place and the first three right, the excitement while the fourth race is being run is intense and you can certainly win a lot of money. But the TAB bet which gets a winning punter into the headlines is the Big6. In this bet you have to predict all six winners correctly – in this case, the races are not always at the same meeting but are nominated by the TAB, as before.

TAB Betting Alternatives

Despite the excitement that can come with TAB betting, many punters have now realised that better odds and even a better selection of races and other sports are available at online bookmakers. The excellent Australian bookmakers below have a number of special offers designed to beat the returns available at TAB.

TAB Alternatives
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