The first TAB outlet in Australia was opened in Victoria, but they were soon absolutely everywhere. They thrived as a government-owned group until the 1990s, when they started to be bought up by private companies and now most TAB outlets are owned by just a handful of private companies. In common with other TAB outlets and online services around the country, TAB QLD has a radio station and a website, although most people interested in betting these days have an account with one of TAB QLD’s competitors, such as Sportsbet.

Betting with TAB QLD

The main problem for TAB QLD is that its online account is nowhere near as enticing as those of its main rivals. Perhaps the most obvious difference is that setting up an account has to be done in business hours. This really is a serious drawback for anyone who works and who wants to relax in the evening placing the occasional bet. Not only does TAB QLD only offer office hours but with no bonuses and a fee of over A$5 for every month when no bet is placed, it is easy to see why most people choose to open accounts elsewhere. Possibly the one advantage that a TAB QLD account has over others is that you can open an account in non-online ways, such as in a TAB QLD outlet, a post office or even by sending documents in the post – not a method offered by many companies these days.

TAB QLD Betting Options

TAB QLD along with other TABs around the country are kept going mainly by people who like the clarity of a Tote based betting system which is very straightforward and unlike other odds-based systems, once the payout is announced it doesn’t change. Various exotic bets are very easy to place with TAB QLD as they specialize in rollups like quinellas, trifectas, quaddies and the potentially life-changing Big6. The races are nominated by the TAB for these bets and so betting in a TAB QLD outlet or online is the easiest way to take part. Betting online means that you can access the TABs all over Australia, but if you live in Queensland you might quite rightly feel that a race course you have visited will give you the edge when picking winners and when potential winnings equal to a lotto win are up for grabs, you might prefer to stick with TAB QLD.

TAB QLD or Online Bookmaker?

Whether you are a customer of TAB QLD or another regional Tote, you may have already noticed that there are some excellent racing betting options available at online bookmakers. Even better, bookmakers such as the ones below specialise in beating TAB prices.

TAB Alternatives
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Number one betting operator in Australia
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Betfair ensures customers a great pool of markets!
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Sportingbet is now Sportsbet in Australia
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A part of Ladbrokes Digital Australia
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